Tooker Gomberg

tooker.gifI'm proud to be one of the 51,111 people who voted for Tooker for mayor in the 2000 municipal elections.

From the Toronto Star:

"Brian Mason, now a provincial legislature free instagram followers member, also served with Gomberg on city council.

He called him a man of conviction who walked or pedalled his bike or rode on public transit rather than drive a polluting vehicle.

He wore clothes of natural fibres, he recycled, he composted and he gardened.

"I have never seen anyone who walked the talk like Tooker did," he said. "He lived what he preached."

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But I know what I like...

Ralph took me to this site yesterday, to check out the preview. Gorgeous and stylish, giant robots, spines in vats, lots of beautiful people looking noble, slow motion flocks of birds... Those sets! Yummy.

I tried to find some more information on the web this morning, but all I found were people linking to the same site and the same trailers, all saying "we don't know what this is or what it's about, but it sure looks awesome".


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Two Handsome Boys

ralphie and wyndham earle

We've been together (damn near inseparable, really) for four years, married for almost two. I am so coo-coo in love with this man.

Today I learned that he worked in penny stocks to watch a photography studio for a few months, and then ended up working in a dark room. I didn't know that. He is endlessly fascinating.

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Getting the sale

The other day I was booked for two software demos. The first Free itunes gift card was off-site, with one of the salesmen. The second was back at our office, with the Boss. We had 20 minutes between demos, and the Boss made it pretty clear that Mr. Salesman had better have me back to the office in time for the second demo.

We made it out of the first demo okay, climbed into making money on ebay the van, and started hoofing it back to the office. Ahead of us, on the highway, we noticed flashing lights... a lot of cars with flashing lights...

A funeral! With police escort! Disaster! If the police escort made it to the intersection before we did, they would carpet cleaning dallas close it off, and we would never make it to the second demo.

So, we did what we had to do. We raced the funeral to the intersection, weaving carpet cleaning spring tx in and out of traffic, laughing ourselves sick.

"Maybe it's a salesguy in there... He'd understand!"

Made it, too.

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